About Paul Canonici

Paul Canonici - Italian Author Speaker Educator
Paul Canonici – Italian Author Speaker Educator

In 2003 Paul Canonici published his first book, The Delta Italians, the story of his people, Italians recruited for cotton plantations of the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta.

His second book, So Italian is about Italian food and life. It contains recipes representing the various regions of Italy, essays based on the author’s travel notes and his Italy inspired art.

In his book, La Befana, The Italian Christmas Legend, he retells and Illustrates Italy’s favorite legend. Befana, a sweet grandmother, visits Italian children on the eve of the Epiphany, January sixth and takes the reader for a tour of Italy.

His latest book, The Delta Italians Volume II supplements Canonici’s first book, The Delta Italians but includes the immigration experiences of Italians other than those recruited for cotton plantations, especially Sicilian Italians.